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Entertaining: The 12 Minute Clean

Entertaining: The 12 Minute Clean
Last minute guests? Introducing our "they're almost here!" cleaning hacks. Elevate to the #1 host n just 12 minutes with these top tips—because why clean harder, when you can clean smarter? 

Let's break it down...


Start here by popping in a Loo Tab so it dissolves while you clean the rest of your home, plus a generous spritz of Universal Cleaner on your shower screen. Give the toilet a scrub, shower screen a wipe and a final once over your sink and other surfaces with Universal Cleaner.

Time: 5 minutes


Toss your dishes in the dishwasher, throw any rubbish in the bin and wipe down those bench tops with Universal Cleaner 

Time: 3 minutes


Forget about the vacuum, nobody’s looking at the floor. A clear coffee table and neat couch make the most impact so chuck any books or kids toys in a cupboard for maximum neat impact.

Time: 2 minutes


First impressions count! Hide any shoes and bags in a cupboard then give the floor a once over with the vacuum and a quick Spray Mop if you don’t have carpet.

Time: 2 minutes

Voila, a clean home in minutes, Phew... Effortless hosting, accomplished!

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