Ready Set Koh

Your Koh Essentials

Universal Cleaner  – one powerful cleaning solution that does the job of twenty
360 Atomiser – Sprays in all directions. Refill and reuse, over and over
Microfibre Cloths   – cloths to make every surface shine
Spray Mop & Pads – sparkling floors without the slip or buckets
Diamond Sponges   – tackle stubborn dirt and grime


    How to use Universal Cleaner & Atomiser

    One cleaning solution for your entire home that’s tough on dirt, grease, and grime and doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals, fumes or fragrances. Allergy friendly and eco-certified. Just fill up your reusable 360 Atomiser with Universal Cleaner. You’re ready to Koh.



    How to use Microfibre Cloths

    Our Microfibre Cloths give a brilliant clean on every surface. Choose your cloth, spray Universal Cleaner then wipe (or use the scrubby corner for harder-to-remove grime). Remove dirt and grease from benches, stove tops, ovens, bathrooms, tiles and more.



    How to use Spray Mop & Pads

    Koh’s lightweight Spray Mop cleans tiles, floorboards, polished concrete and other floorings with a simple spray and wipe.  Just fill with Universal Cleaner and attach your Mop Pad of choice. No buckets, no slippery surfaces just sparkling floors in seconds. 




    How to use Diamond Sponge

    Tackle stubborn grease and grime with our Diamond Sponge. Always dampen with Universal Cleaner before use and go carefully on scratch-prone surfaces. Remember to spot test anything you’re unsure about. 


    Adams Top Tips

    Get Koh’ing around your home with handy cleaning tips from our founder, Adam.







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