Eco-certified Cleaning

Eco-certified Cleaning

When you see the GECA logo, you can be sure you are choosing an eco-friendly alternative that is better for the environment, better for you and your family.


The Koh Cleaning System was designed to make cleaning easier on you and on our planet, and we're proud that our Universal Cleaner, Koh Protect Surface and Dishwashing Tablets are all independently eco-certified by GECA.

Koh had the chance to sit down with Paula Clasby from GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) to find out more about what GECA stands for and what it means when you purchase a product with GECA’s ecolabel certification.

Could you tell us a bit about GECA and what you stand for?

At GECA, we are a purpose-driven not for profit that stands for integrity, independence and impact. Our vision is for a sustainable future for people and planet. To create this brighter future, we help organisations and individuals to make, buy and do better! 

We offer a suite of services designed for anyone committed to continuous improvement in their sustainability, including our multi-sector ecolabelling program. Our ecolabel standards are rigorous, scientific and relevant to key Australian industries.

GECA is the only Australian member of the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN), a not-for-profit association, created to improve, develop and promote ecolabelling, and all members must meet requirements including following ISO 14024. Our association with GEN means GECA certified businesses find it easier to achieve certification in other GEN member countries, and we actively participate in the latest thinking about standards and ecolabelling worldwide. Partnering with GEN has kept us at the forefront of ecolabelling worldwide and ensures that our standards are relevant and recognised internationally.

GECA is also proud to have been a Certified B Corp since November 2015. We are part of a global movement of more than 2,700 B Corps in over 50 countries across 130 industries who are all trying to make the world a better place.

What is taken into account when a product is being certified?

GECA certified products and services must meet multiple criteria for a wide range of environmental issues, human health and social impacts, while also proving that they perform as promised. These criteria involve the entire lifecycle of the product or service, from the extraction of raw materials until the end of life. We value transparency, so all our ecolabel standards are free for anyone to download from our website. Within each standard document, we list every criterion that your product or service needs to meet to become certified.

Why is the certification process so rigorous? Can you share some insights to what is involved for brands/products to get certified?

Unfortunately, some businesses make self-declared claims that are incorrect, misleading, and sometimes entirely false. Our rigorous assessment procedures and robust standards mean GECA certification is trusted and relevant for your industry. We’ve developed our stringent standards, following ISO 14024 principles and ISEAL frameworks for global best practice in ecolabelling, which are then independently assessed by our Assurance Providers.

If your assessment is successful, we will award you with a GECA licence certificate and the rights to use GECA’s ecolabel mark on your certified product or service to win over consumers looking for a sustainable choice.

What does the GECA certification mean to customers?

Becoming GECA certified means many different things to our licensees, from gaining access to green building schemes and proving market leadership, to increasing procurement channels and helping them maintain international connections to certifications around the world. Universally our certification provides businesses with independent assurance that their customers can trust.

"GECA certification provides independent assurance that customers can trust"