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Summer Cleaning Hacks

Summer Cleaning Hacks

Here are our top tips to spend less time cleaning and more time having fun in the sun this summer:

BBQ Grill

Degrease your BBQ grill with Universal Dish Liquid - spray, scrub, rinse & cook!

Top tip: Rub half a raw onion on your BBQ to make it non-stick! For stainless steel exteriors Universal Cleaner will get the shine back in no time.

Outdoor windows

Universal Dish Liquid is the multitasking outdoor hero, spray and wipe with a squidgee for sparkling exterior windows

Top tip: Universal Cleaner is also great for windows inside and out!

Don’t sweat it

Summer = sweat… prevent yellow underarms and stinky collars with Universal Laundry with enzymes that eliminate odour causing bacteria at the source.

Top tip: Use in a Foaming Spray Bottle to apply as a pre-treat on these stubborn areas 

Outdoor furniture

A good spray of Universal Cleaner wiped down with a Universal Cloth will have your patio furniture looking like new!

Top tip: deodorise musty cushions with a spritz of Universal Cleaner and wipe with a damp cloth

Cars, Caravans & Beach Bags

Heading out and about? Bring a filled Mini Atomiser with you for any on-the-run mess. 

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