Dish Guide

Dish Guide

The Koh Dish range has the essentials you need to breeze through dish duty, use Universal Dish Liquid with the refillable Foamer Spray Bottle and washable Dish Sponges to whizz through dirty dishes and cookware in a fraction of the time.

Universal Dish Liquid is eco-certified to the GECA cleaning standard and recommended by the National Asthma Council Australia's Sensitive Choice™ program; our award-winning pouch design is the first soft liquid packaging format in Australia to be suitable for kerbside recycling. 

We have put together some videos to help you with your Koh dish products. 

  1. What's in the Dish Starter Kit
  2. How to use: Dish Starter Kit
  3. How to: Decant Universal Dish Liquid 
  4. How to: Hydrate your Dish Sponges
  5. How to: Pre-Treat for your Dish Washer
  6. How to: Recycle your Universal Dish Liquid

What's in the Dish Starter Kit

The Koh Dish Starter kit contains all the essentials:
1x Universal Dish Liquid
1x Foamer Spray Bottle

How to use: Dish Starter Kit 

Dish duty has never been so satisfying. Say good bye to overnight soaks and wasted water. Just follow these simple steps:
1. Decant Universal Dish Liquid into a Foamer.
2. Spray onto your dishes, pots and pans.
3. Wipe away to reveal a squeaky clean dish.
4. Rinse and dry.
For daily bakeware and pans, Spray and leave to one side for 10-15 minutes while you clean everything else, then Wipe & Rinse. Dishes Done! 

How to: Decant your Universal Dish Liquid 

The Universal Dish Liquid Pouch comes with a handy cut out to help with decanting into your Foamer Spray Bottle. There are 3 methods:
1. Lift & Free Pour into your Foamer Spray Bottle
2. Use a Lever such as a spoon to lift the Pouch, then just tilt and pour.
3. Hang your Universal Dish Liquid Pouch on an adhesive hook, then tilt and pour.

How to: Hydrate your Dish Sponges 

Koh dish sponges are compressed and dried to reduce packaging volume.
To hydrate:
1. Run under water and watch them grow.

Dish Sponge Care:
1. To wash them, simply pop them into the washing machine.
2. To dispose of your sponges when the time comes, simply cut them up and drop into your compost bin.  

How to: Pre-treat for your Dish Washer

With our 10-15 minute soak time for those typical stubborn, baked on stains, you can soak up those results faster than you can say one, two, Koh.
1. Spray Universal Dish Liquid over your dishes
2. Wait 10-15 minutes
3. Pop into your Dishwasher
4. Rest...  


How to: Recycle your Universal Dish Liquid Pouch 

This locally made Universal Dish Liquid comes in Australia's first ever curbside recyclable pouch. Simply follow these steps:
1. Empty your Universal Dish Liquid Pouch
2. Peel off the attached sticker
3. Roll up your Universal Dish Liquid Pouch
4. Pop into your recycling bin

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