Surface Guide

Surface Guide

Use Koh Universal Cleaner for an effective clean on just about every surface in your entire home (and beyond)!

Universal Cleaner is Australia's favourite overachiever, winning Canstar Blue's 2022 #1 Multipurpose Cleaner, as voted by the Australian public. It's also eco-certified to the GECA cleaning standard and recommended by the National Asthma Council Australia's Sensitive Choice™ program; which means it's a better choice for you, your family and our planet.

We’re here to help you get a better clean, so here are some videos to help you get Koh-ing with Surface.

  1. How to use Universal Cleaner
  2. How to use Universal Cloths
  3. How to use the Spray Mop
  4. How to use the Grout Brush
  5. How to use Diamond Sponges
  6. How to use Protect Surface Sanitiser

How to use Universal Cleaner

Universal Cleaner is the only cleaning solution you need for jaw-dropping results across every surface.

It's as easy as one, two three!
1. Pour the Universal Cleaner into the Atomiser Spray Bottle or Spray Mop.
2. Hold the Atomiser Spray 30-50cm away from the surface, spray to lightly cover surface.
3. Use a dry Universal Cloth folded into 4 to wipe the surface until dry and clean

TOP TIP: For heavier soiled surfaces, spray and leave for 1-3 minutes to let Universal Cleaner work its magic! Universal Cleaner works best on dry surfaces, there's no need to wet first or use any additional water.

Avoid soft metals such as brass and copper and surfaces susceptible to alkaline solutions; if you're unsure we suggest a spot test in an inconspicuous area first.

How to use Universal Cloths

Our reusable Universal Cloths give you a streak free finish on all your household surfaces.

No need to wet - Universal Cloths are most effective when used dry!

1. Fold cloth into 4, use one side until soiled and then switch sides - Gives up to 8 different sides of cleaning.
2. Spray Universal Cleaner onto desired surface and wipe away.
3. Non-scratch scrubby corner is ideal for lifting up those sticky bits, such as dried egg on the benchtop or sellotape on the fridge
4. Once the Universal Cloth becomes damp and soiled from use just throw it in the washing machine up to 60C and line dry (avoid softeners and bleaches)

How to use the Spray Mop

Our Spray Mop cleans tiles, floorboards, polished concrete and other floorings with a simple spray and wipe. No more back breaking and messy mop and bucket! Just clean, dry floors in seconds.

To use:
1. Decant Universal Cleaner into Spray Mop bottle (no need to dilute).
2. Select mop pad: green or blue.
3. Pull trigger to spray solution - do not soak floors, use a less is more approach, one spray can clean an area 3-4 times the size of the area that is wet.
4. Go forward and back with mop to remove the grime.
5. To lift stubborn sticky bits use the rubber teeth on the widget.
6. Remove mop pads once wet/soiled, for an effective clean we recommend use a fresh pad per room floor.
7. Wash mop pads in washing machine with Universal cloths - no bleach or tumble dry.
8. Use the comb on the special tool mounted on the pole to remove any hairs from the mop pads and to fluff them up before your next use for a more effective clean.

TOP TIP: Use the Green Mop Pads for cleaning and the Blue Mop Pads for buffing and polishing - or try both on your floors and decide for yourself what works best.

How to use the Grout Brush

Cleaning grout and joins is easy with Grout Brush.

To use:

1. Spray Koh Universal Cleaner down the grout line - we recommend spraying the entire length of the grout for a more effective clean.
2. Leave for 2-3 minutes.
3. Use the Grout Brush to scrub away the grime, working along the grout line in back and forward motion.

TOP TIP: Go gently on silicone grout as it's not as hardy as stone based grout. Grout Brush will not be able to clean away black mould that has penetrated silicone grout.

How to use Diamond Sponges

Tackle stubborn grease and grime like baked-on fats on oven walls and doors with our Diamond Sponges.

To use:

1. Liberally spray Koh Universal Cleaner on to the surface and leave for up to 5 minutes, depending on how heavily soiled your surface is.
2. Also spray Universal Cleaner directly onto the Diamond Sponge - squeezing sponge to make sure it is fully absorbed.
3. Gently rub surface with sponge whilst checking for any micro abrasions.
4. When finished rinse sponge in hot water - spraying with Universal Cleaner if necessary.

NOTE: Diamond Sponge is a powerful abrasive and should not be used on surfaces susceptible to easily being scratched such as plastics, chrome, stainless steel etc. Always spot test in an inconspicuous area before using.

How to use Protect Surface Sanitiser

Koh Protect Surface Sanitiser is clinically proven to provide 7 day protection from 99.9% of bacteria.

To use:

For protection against 99.9% of bacteria:

1. Spray Universal Cleaner liberally to the target surface and clean as normal with Universal Cloth until dry.
2. Spray Protect Surface onto the same area.
3. Wait 3-5 minutes until dry.
4. Use the Universal Cloth to wipe away any residue. 

Will protect surface from 99.9% of bacteria for up to 7 days.

For mould removal and protection:

Step one:

1. Apply Koh Universal Cleaner liberally to the target surface.
2. Wait for 2-3 minutes.
3. Wipe down with dry Universal Cloth.
4. Repeat until all visible spores are removed.

Note: During this process we recommend wearing gloves and suitable face mask to avoid contact / inhalation of spores which can be harmful.

Step two:

1. Once surface has been cleared of spores and dried off, spray Koh Protect liberally on the surface.
2. Wait 5 minutes and then gently wipe away any excess residue.

This surface will now be sufficiently protected from mould spore regrowth for up to three months.


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