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What are the ingredients?
How are you eco-friendly?
Are you chemical free?
Is Koh Australian made and owned?
Is Universal Cleaner septic safe?
Will Universal Cleaner kill COVID-19?
Does Universal Cleaner kill germs?
Does Universal Cleaner contain palm oil?
Can I have a sample?
Can you edit or delete Facebook reviews?
What are Feefo reviews?

Health & Safety

What does eco-certified mean?
What Certifications does Koh Universal Cleaner have?
Is it allergy friendly?
Is it asthma friendly?
Do you test on animals?
Is it pet-friendly?
Is it vegan?
Is it fragrance-free?
Why do you have warning labels?
Is Universal Cleaner biodegradable?


What can I use Universal Cleaner for?
What surfaces should I avoid?
Do I need to do a spot test?
How does Universal Cleaner work?
Is there a use by date?
How long does it last?
Is Universal Cleaner antibacterial?
Is Universal Cleaner a sanitiser?
Can I add essential oils?
My bottle has stopped spraying
The lining has deflated inside the Atomiser
How do you wash the Microfibre Cloths?
How do you wash the Microfibre Mop Pads?

Payments and Refunds

What payment options can I use?
Something in my order is broken.
Something in my order is missing.
How do I recover my login details?
Why do you sell in bulk?
Why don’t you sell in shops?
Do you have Afterpay?


How does the referral program work?
I have lost my referral codes.

Delivery and Tracking

How much does delivery cost?
Where do you ship?
How long does delivery take?
How can I track my order?
Do I need to sign for my parcel?
My tracking is not working



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