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8 tips for keeping your home clean with pets

8 tips for keeping your home clean with pets

Welcoming a new pet into your home can be incredibly exciting. Think endless cuddles, nose boops, and an instant best friend for you and your family. But owning a pet can also mean a not-so-tidy house at times, a flurry of pet hair, and some unexpected spills on that very expensive sofa. 

So to keep the mess at bay while caring for your new forever furry family member, we’re sharing all our greatest tips and tricks for keeping your house clean. 


Tip 1: Vacuum regularly

Pet hair, pet dander, and any dirt and dust your cat, dog or rabbit may track into the home is an inevitable result of owning a pet. One of the biggest things you can do to keep your house clean is by regularly vacuuming.

Vacuum your floors, carpets and furniture weekly or even daily if you have the time. Keep your machine clean (we have a guide for that here) and within easy access, paying extra attention to high traffic areas such as the front door, back door, garage entry and around your cat litter box, as well as areas where your pet hangs out like on the sofa, a pet bed or your bed. 

You can even take things one step further with an automated robot wet and dry vacuum to discreetly keep hair at bay without having to lift a finger. 


Tip 2: Use a pet-safe cleaning solution (like Universal Cleaner!)

Whatever surface you’re cleaning, choose a product that is safe for use around your pets. Something like Universal Cleaner is a great choice as it’s tough on urine, poop, vomit and blood stains, plus can help minimise odours from textiles and soft furnishings.

Universal Cleaner is chemical and fragrance-free, meaning you won’t accidentally harm or irritate your pets with any nasties or unpleasant smells. 


Tip 3: Wash pet bedding and toys regularly

Keep pet bedding, blankets, pillows and toys clean by regularly washing them with a powerful laundry liquid like Universal Laundry Liquid. All these items can harbour germs and odours so it’s important to throw them in the wash a couple times a month to keep things clean and hygienic. 

For any plastic toys, give them a wipe down with Universal Cleaner and a microfibre cloth. Don’t forget about feeding and water bowls, too! These should be cleaned after every use.


Tip 4: Clean spills immediately

If your pet has an accident (think pees, poos or a vomit), clean it up as soon as it happens to prevent odours and any stains for setting in, especially on soft furnishings. For new pets to the home, it’s worth considering closing off certain rooms or even protecting your sofa with a plastic sheet while you’re not home. 


Tip 5: Keep your pets groomed

Regular grooming can help to keep your pets clean and reduce the amount of pet hair in your home, and reduce any funky smells. 

While cats generally won’t need to be bathed, they should be regularly brushed to remove loose hairs, dust and dead skin. Also pay special attention to your cat’s ears, teeth and claws. Dogs on the other hand should be bathed often depending on the breed of your pet. Like cats, a dog's teeth, nails and ears should also be properly maintained. Taking your pets to the professionals is always an option, too. 


Tip 6: Use an air purifier

It may seem like overkill but air purifiers are a great home appliance for pet owners. Depending on the machine, it can help remove pet dander, odours from little accidents, hair and other allergens in the air. An air purifier is also super helpful if you or any members of your family are allergic to animals as it can help create a clean and safe environment for both you and your pet. 

Move the purifier around to areas where your pet is likely to hang out. These can be pretty pricey so shop around to see what’s the best value for your family. 


Tip 7: Designate a pet area

If a lot of pet hair and dander is an issue for you, consider designating a few areas or zones in the house for your pet to reduce the amount that can get to the rest of your home. Think the backyard, mud room, living room and areas of the kitchen, while the bedroom and study are off limits.

At the end of the day, pets will be pets so hair and mess is an inevitable part of being a pet owner, no matter how hard we keep them off the bed! 


Tip 8: Keep litter boxes clean

Like your pet bedding, cat litter boxes should be kept clean and maintained. Not only will this encourage your cat to actually use their box (instead of under the bed!), cleaning up as soon as you notice the litter has been used will prevent smells from lingering in the air and reduce the risk of nasty bacterial infections. 

Keep a dustpan or a vacuum close by so you can quickly tidy up any loose kitty litter from spilling out or when your feline friend tracks it on their paws. 



What are the best tools, Koh cleaning products and appliances for keeping a clean house with pets?

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