Spray Mop + 5 Mop Pads

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Koh® Spray Mop Inc. 5 Washable Mop Pads

Note: We supply 2 different types of mop pad to ensure you will get a result across the widest variety of floor types. We recommend Ultrafibre as the most effective pad but it can be too "grippy" for some people and certain floor types. Blue General is good on glossy tiles and more textured floors.

Six reasons why you need the Koh® Spray Mop Pro!

EASIER - our mop is less than a kilo in weight so no bad backs lifting heavy buckets and mops. In fact, it’s so easy that you’ll mop more often meaning your floors stay cleaner for longer - no more dirt build-up in-between “big wet mops”.

FASTER - We’ve timed ourselves and can Koh® Spray Mop Pro a 2 bedroom house in under 10-15 minutes. All floors. Sparkling. AND DRY in seconds!! Say goodbye to the “swimming pool effect” after traditional mopping!

CLEANER - Take the test - When you clean your floors for the first time with Koh® Spray Mop Pro you’ll be amazed how much dirt is lifted up - even from “just cleaned” floors. The renowned lifting and suspending the action of Koh® Universal Cleaner combined with the absorbing power of the ultra fiber pads deliver stunning results!

HEALTHIER - Using Koh® Universal Cleaner on your floors means no more toxic chemicals! And by eliminating tentacle mops you’re stopping the spread of nasty bugs and bacteria.

SAFER - No more lugging heavy buckets around and creating slippery wet floors

Eco-LOGICAL! - Wash and re-use pads, eliminate water waste and toxic cleaning chemicals



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