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Bundle to SAVE 60% on ALL THIS

1 x 4L Koh® Universal Surface Cleaner - $29.95 RRP

3 x Koh® Atomiser $44.85 RRP

16 x Koh® Premium Grade Microfibre Cloths (40cm x 40cm, 8 x General Purpose, 4 x Bathroom, & 4 x Window/Glass) - $139.80 RRP

8 x Koh® Diamond Sponges $19.90 RRP

1 x Koh® Spray Mop Pro + 5 Washable Mop Pads - $129.95 RRP

TOTAL RRP $364.45


Take the Koh® - "Clean Anywhere, Clean Everywhere" 30 Day Challenge for less than $0.50c per day! Get your home cleaner, safer & healthier or your money back!!

Koh® Universal Cleaner (formerly known as ekoWorx Universal Cleaner) is over TWENTY cleaning products IN ONE TOXIC-FREE solution!!!

Formulated by a team at UNSW, Koh® Universal Cleaner can be used to clean your entire home faster and more effectively - kitchens, bathrooms, floors, countertops, walls, glass, pet odours, stains, toys...

  • Koh® Universal Cleaner is tough on dirt, grease and grime without any harsh toxic chemicals, fumes or fragrances.

  • Koh® Universal Cleaner is certified by Good environmental Choice Australia (GECA) and recommended by National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice™ program!

  • Koh® Universal Cleaner is safe around humans, pets and is Choose Cruelty Free approved!

Kerry Johnson, Woodbine - 5 Stars, Facebook

“Just got my starter pack delivered this morning. Decided to order after seeing videos and reading the reviews. Couldn't believe one product could clean so many surfaces.

Such an amazing product. So far have tested on a filthy window, a greasy range hood and an oven and all have been nothing short of amazing. My oven was only cleaned a month ago, looked clean, but still the eco cloth is filthy...was really shocked by that and wondering how many other commercial cleaners have just done a surface clean.

Would highly recommend this product. I also have an asthmatic daughter that has allergies so ekoWorx is going to be so beneficial in this household. Using the floor mop next then going to spend my day looking for more things I can clean :-)”

Proven cleaning on

* Hard surfaces inc. tiles, wood, marble, concrete, polished stone etc

* Metal surfaces (stainless steel etc)

* Glass

* Plastics, laminates

* Painted surfaces

* Appliances (fridges, cool rooms, microwaves, coffee machines etc)

* Leather

* PVC / Rubber / Latex

Sian Binnie, Albury - 5 Stars, Facebook

“I have a business and recently tried out ekoWorx in our kitchen. It is brilliant on our greasy deep frying areas, windows, all surfaces, microwave, etc. Stainless steel not a problem this stuff has even eliminated the streaky marks left by traditional cleaners on our stainless steel surfaces. I loved it so much i gave a spray bottle and ekoWorx pouch to my parents and now they are hooked.”

Ideal for use in

* Homes

* Kitchens

* Bathrooms

* Hospitality

* Food & Beverage

* Hotels

* Serviced Apartments

* Gyms & Leisure facilities

* Offices

* Schools & Kindergarten

* Homes

* Public transport, facilities and common areas

* Retail

* Car interiors

* Boats and Marine

Luella Bourn, Canberra - 5 Stars Facebook

"I have recently been introduced to ekoWorx and as a professional cleaner I have found this product to be the best all round cleaner that I have ever used. All my clients like it as well.”

Deric John, Sydney - 5 Stars Facebook

"It's absolute magic. No more scrubbing or using harsh smelly chemicals. This is it!”

We advise to spot test on delicate areas and avoid using Koh® Universal Cleaner on surfaces that are susceptible to alkaline solutions such as untreated copper, aluminium, zinc, waxed surfaces and films (some LCD screens, sunglasses etc).



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