BUNDLE TO SAVE $40 - The Dishwashing Tablets Four-Pack

Includes 4 50-packs of Dishwashing Tablets 

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Bundle & SAVE $40 on this FOUR PACK

Koh® Dishwashing Tablets (50-Pack)  x 4 
(200 tablets @ 40c per tablet)

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Take the Koh® Dishwasher Challenge!! Get your dishes cleaner, safer & healthier or your money back!!

Koh® Dishwasher Tablets are independently eco-certified by GECA and offer a powerful and effective clean, every time, free from phosphates, fumes or fragrances!

Koh® Dishwashing Tablets offer a truly powerful, safe and affordable alternative...

Koh® Dishwashing Tablets are tough on dirt, grease and grime without any harsh toxic chemicals, phosphates, fumes or fragrances.

Koh® Dishwashing Tablets are certified by Good environmental Choice Australia (GECA) and recommended by National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice™ program!

Koh® Dishwashing Tablets are safe around humans, pets and are 'Choose Cruelty Free' approved!

Proven cleaning on the toughest stains

* Baked on Foods

* Tea & Coffee Stains

* Egg Stains

* Red Wine Stains

* Grease & Fats

Outstanding clean and shiny finish on

* Glasses

* Cutlery

* Plates

* Pots & Pans

* Cups & Mugs

* Kitchen Utensils

To use the Koh® Dishwashing Tablet, simply insert one in your dishwasher's detergent compartment. Each tablet contains exactly the right amount of each ingredient, eliminating the need for doing the measuring yourself.



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