360 Atomiser (supplied empty)

Regular price $14.95

360 Atomiser (supplied empty)

Regular price $14.95

360 Atomiser has been designed to make Koh'ing a breeze!

360 degree spray functionality means you can spray in any direction and reach tricky areas. 

Better quality, better for the planet. The bottle is made from strong, long-lasting recyclable HDPE.

The translucent bottle makes refilling super easy and visible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you open the 360 Atomiser?

Push down hard on the lid and twist anti-clockwise.

Is the 360 Atomiser reusable?

It certainly is. Refill with your Universal Cleaner and reuse over and over again.

How many ML does the 360 Atomiser hold?


Why Choose Koh

One Simple System

Safe & Eco Friendy

Refill & Reuse

Delivered to Your Door



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