100% Pure Australian Essential Oils (30ml) 3-Pack

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Relax with Lavender, freshen your home with Lemon and revitalise with Eucalyptus for your Koh cleaning routine. Use separately, or mix them to make unique blends. All Koh Essential Oils are 100% pure and 100% Australian.

Just add 2-3 drops to your Koh Atomiser or 3-6 drops to your Koh Spray Mop. And of course, don't forget the many 100s of other applications for high-quality essential oils around your home. One 30ml bottle will provide a light, subtle fragrance for up to 200 Koh Atomiser or 100 Koh Spray Mop re-fills.

* 2-3 drops in the Atomiser bottle

* 3-6 drops in the Spray Mop




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