Bundle to Save 40% - Mop Pads 10-pack

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Super absorbent mopping for all floor types.

These high-performance Mop Pads use the same microfibre technology as our cloths to latch onto dirt and grime across your floors and soak it in with their absorbent padding.

Attach to the head of your Spray Mop with a simple velcro attachment and away you go. With roughly one pad to each room, this twin pack will easily see you through all of your mopping needs.

Sturdy and durable each pad can be thrown in the washing machine over 300 times and brought back to life over and over.

Includes 5 tough and Grippy Green Mop Pads, 5 Soft and Absorbent Blue Mop Pads

Buy this bundle to save 40% off the total price you would pay if you ordered these products individually.



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