Jan 2014 - ekoWorx founder, Adam Lindsay, comes across ionic cleaning technology from Japan. Samples and testing prove very promising but the solution is very expensive and requires significant installation of machinery into customer’s site.
Oct 2014 - Adam is introduced to Dr Leigh Aldous at UNSW, a patent holder and published expert in ionic green chemistry. Dr Aldous suggests a method might be possible to produce the solution at a much lower cost.
Jan 2015 - A commercial project is scoped out and signed by Quarran Health Products and UNSW for Dr Aldous and team to commence work on a production methodology for the cleaning solution, ekoWorx. 
April 2015 - First production samples successfully produced in lab and tested by Dr Aldous.
May 2015 - Initial testing across small number of local commercial F&B begins. Results prove very favourable to the extent that the pilot customers become paying customers.
August 2015 - Begin engagement with Good Environmental Choice Australia (www.geca.org.au) to have ekoWorx certified under the GECA Cleaning Products Eco Certification
September 2015 - AMS Labs engaged to perform bacteria kill tests - these eventually prove very successful with a 99.99% effective kill for eColi, Salmonella and Campylobacter
October 2015 - Justin Alexander invests and joins the management team, having developed and managed multiple businesses across Asia-Pacific. Justin adds a wealth of entrepreneurial experience to the existing team. 
December 2015 - Dr Leigh Aldous accepts role as Chief Scientist for ekoWorx, with responsibilities for testing, production and patent applications.
March 2016 - GECA Certification is passed after extensive independent audit by British Standards Institute. http://www.geca.org.au/products/licensees/quarran-health-products/ 
March 2016 - ekoWorx concludes commercial pilot testing across 25 Sydney based businesses including: Butchers, cafes, restaurants, shared office space, retail and gyms.
(100% of pilot sites have since converted to paying customers.) 
What problems does ekoWorx solve?
All businesses need to keep their physical working spaces clean. For over 60 years, the solutions manufactured to enable this type of cleaning have been based on harmful, toxic chemicals that at their inception simply weren’t recognised or known to be harmful to humans and the planet in general. 
The cleaning products industry has heavily promoted these solutions as the defacto and added further complexity to the market by creating countless niche products for every conceivable cleaning job. This naturally has meant more revenues for those manufacturers and greater management complexity for their customers. 
In the last decade or so, growing awareness of the harmful effects of common cleaning chemicals such as bleaches, ammonia, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and countless others has stimulated a new category of eco cleaning products. The common issues in this category from a customer point of view is often three fold:
1. Premium priced
2. Uncertainty as to their actual eco credentials (greenwashing)
3. Ineffectiveness vs traditional solutions
ekoWorx has proven in real word testing and customer use cases to challenge this status quo through four key criteria:
1. Highly Effective for day to day cleaning and easy - no rinsing required.
2. Certified eco by Australia’s only independent, globally recognised Good Environmental Choice Australia www.geca.org.au
3. Cost Saving - ekoWorx replaces >60% of chemicals traditionally used in standard cleaning and reduces labour time by up to 50%
4. Simplified - One solution to “Clean Anywhere, Clean Everywhere” - less training, less ordering, less space, less mess



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