About Us

Two dads from Bondi Beach make for an unlikely duo with a mission to turn the cleaning products industry on its head, but change as the saying goes, often comes from unexpected places.


Outlandish question #1

“why can’t we just cut out the toxic crap found in cleaning products and have one single solution that cleans pretty much everywhere?”

Having spotted an innovative commercial cleaning system in Japan, it got Adam wondering if such a concept could be reworked and taken to the wider public. Working with some clever chaps in UNSW’s Green Chemistry team, they began formulating and testing solutions based purely on naturally occurring minerals. 

Within a few months, Justin had heard enough of his friend Adam ranting and raving about his new “wonder” cleaning product and seeing an opportunity to make positive change, jumped in as co-founder.


Outlandish question #2

“can we make eco cleaning easier, cheaper and more effective than nasty chemical cleaning products?”

Fast-forward to now and over the last 2 years Team Koh have made over 250,000 Australian homes healthier. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive (www.facebook.com/Koh/reviews). Australians really have had enough of the toxic, complex and expensive solutions offered by the BigChem Industry – and are looking for a more effective eco alternative that they can trust.

And so the next chapter begins – an international roll-out making Koh available to all Australians and THE WORLD!!!

If like us you want to become part of the solution to ridding the planet of toxic cleaning chemicals then try one of our bundle specials today or if you have any questions simply email us at care@koh.com



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