The entire Koh team took part in Clean Up Australia Day 2024

The entire Koh team took part in Clean Up Australia Day 2024

It should come as no surprise that we here at Koh are big fans of the environment. Heck, we built our entire brand mission on giving the world a safer clean. So when Clean Up Australia Day came around for another year, we knew it was the perfect time to put our money where our mouths are  metaphorically of course.

On 29th February, the entire Koh team popped on our ‘out of offices’ and headed down to Gordon’s Bay and around Coogee in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs to do our bit for Mother Earth. After a quick debrief on the sand, we gathered our garbage bags, donned a pair of gloves and got straight to work.


How did we do?

  • We filled up 8 bags of rubbish around Gordons Bay and across Coogee on Thursday afternoon

 The Koh team stopped for a photo @ Gordons Bay in the midst of cleaning up 

The team getting down & dirty filling up their rubbish bags around Coogee 

All smiles on dials as we got to work


The Koh impact

But we don’t show up just one day a year. We’re pretty proud of the positive environmental impact we work hard to achieve every single day, 366 days a year (leap years included.) 
  • We’ve planted over 1.5 million trees through our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects
  • A four pack of Universal Cloths are made from 10 x 500ml recycled plastic bottles, which would have otherwise gone to landfill
  • One Atomiser Spray Bottle is the equivalent of using over 100 x 500ml single use plastic spray bottles
  • Our refill pouches are the first in Australia to be 100% kerbside recyclable
  • Plus many more! You can read all about it here

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