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How to clean Apple AirPods or AirPods Pro

How to clean Apple AirPods or AirPods Pro

You’ve just endured a gruelling workout at the gym, survived a 45 minute commute on the train during peak hour, or finished deep-cleaning your fridge. You turn off your music and take out your earphones only to discover your Apple AirPods are filthy! 

While a build-up of dirt, grime and other nasties are all too commonly found in AirPods after a few months or even weeks of wear, they’re surprisingly quick and easy to clean. 

Here we share all our cleaning hacks, tips and tricks for giving your AirPods a much-needed deep clean without damaging them or the use of unnecessary chemicals. 

Is it good to clean your AirPods?

Absolutely! After wearing your AirPods for a little while, you may notice earwax (gross, we know) and dust particles lodged in both the earphones and the case. Once you see this, it’s the perfect time to give them a bit of a clean.

Even if you haven’t used them in a while, you may want to give your earphones or headphones a quick once-over to remove any dust that has settled while they’ve been tucked away.

Cleaning your AirPods regularly can mean improved sound quality as nothing will be blocking the part where the sounds come out. Plus, you can breathe easy knowing there aren’t any hidden nasties lurking in your ears.

How often should you clean earphones?

Depending on how often you wear your AirPods, this can mean once a week, once a month, or whenever you notice any unwelcome guests in your earbuds. 

Own a different brand of earphones from Apple? That’s fine by us! This method of cleaning earphones and the case they come in can be used for whatever brand or AirPod model you use.

What are the best tools and cleaning products to clean AirPods with?

How do you properly clean AirPods?

You don’t need a long list of products or cleaning supplies to get those earphones looking and feeling practically new again. Here’s what we recommend:

Step 1

Remove any debris (yes, that includes you, earwax!) from the mesh material of the AirPods with a dry, soft-bristled brush

Step 2

Wipe down the earbuds with a dry Koh Universal Cloth

Step 3

For a deeper clean, lay a Universal Cloth out flat on a surface like a bench-top or table, and spray Universal Cleaner directly onto the AirPods

Step 4

Place the AirPods in the centre of a Universal Cloth, fold to wrap and gently rub to remove any excess dirt or grime

Step 5

Clean the microphone and speakers of the AirPods by using a cotton bud with a drop or two or Universal Cleaner

How do you clean the case of your AirPods?

While you’re cleaning your AirPods, you may as well give the case a thorough cleanse, too. It’s quite a similar process to cleaning your earbuds so you won’t need any additional tools. Two birds, one stone kind of deal. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1

Remove any debris from the charging case with a dry, soft bristled brush

Step 2

Wipe down the case with a dry Universal Cloth

Step 3

Lay a Universal Cloth out on a flat surface, and spray Universal cleaner directly onto the case

Step 4

Place the case in the centre of a Universal Cloth, fold to wrap and gently rub to remove any excess dirt or grime

How do you clean AirPod Pros?

Step 1

Follow the exact same method of cleaning standard AirPods

Step 2

Pull off the ear tips of the earphones and wipe with a dry Universal Cloth before reattaching each AirPod. Ear tips should be completely dry

What to watch out for when cleaning AirPods

  • When you’re cleaning both the earbuds and the charging case, it’s important to avoid soaking them in any liquids
  • You want to especially avoid getting any liquids in the charging ports
  • To be on the safer side, avoid the charging port area altogether
  • Any damage to the products may not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty

Why use Koh cleaning products for AirPods

Universal Cleaner is the perfect companion for cleaning AirPods. Its powerful solution without chemical nasties is safe for your ears, while strong enough to tackle dirt, grease and grime build up. 

It’s also allergy friendly and fragrance free – both super important when it comes to putting things in your ears and around your face!

Using microfibre towels like the Universal Cloths are better for the environment as they’re made from recycled plastic and last far longer than cotton. Lint-free cloths are essential for cleaning AirPods, and Universal Cloths are just that.

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