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Top TipsSuffer from allergies or asthma?

Suffer from allergies or asthma?

We’re super proud that our solutions are asthma and allergy friendly.

Top Tips5 Easy Recipes

5 Easy Recipes

Our favourite Autumn recipes in under 20 minutes.

Top TipsHop into Easter with our tips

Hop into Easter with our tips

Easter is almost here, and we have 3 tips to help you get your home looking and feeling its best:

LooLoo Guide

Loo Guide

Are you tired of battling tough toilet stains with harsh chemicals that make your eyes water? 

SurfaceSanitising Surfaces

Sanitising Surfaces

Welcome to the wild world of surface protection! While it may not...

SurfaceOven Clean Tips

Oven Clean Tips

Oven's are everyone's most dreaded household cleaning chore...

SurfaceRemoving Pet Stains

Removing Pet Stains

To clean up after your fuzzy loved one’s number one on carpets and textiles follow these simple steps

DishDish Guide

Dish Guide

Everything you need to know about washing dishes, the Koh way.

SurfaceSurface Guide

Surface Guide

Top tips for a better clean on just about any surface in your home and beyond.

SustainabilityPlanting trees and supporting communities

Planting trees and supporting communities

Eden Reforestation Projects is a non-profit organisation that focuses on reforestation and ecological restoration.